Sales Tax

Does Stitch Fix collect sales tax?

Yes, we collect sales tax when we’re required to, based on state and local tax laws. These vary by location. Whether sales tax applies for a Fix delivery can depend on what’s being purchased, the delivery address and the location from where it’s shipped. Purchases aren’t exempt merely because they’re made over the internet.

Does Stitch Fix collect sales tax in every state?

We don’t currently  collect sales tax in all states—you’ll know if your state is among them if sales tax doesn’t appear on your receipt. For these states, your purchase may be subject to what is known as “use tax,” unless it’s specifically exempt from taxation. Details for how to report use taxes may be found at the websites of your respective tax authorities.

Please note that how sales tax applies to your Fix deliveries may change from time to time as the taxation of online transactions is always evolving. We strive to comply with all state and local tax laws and update our taxation policies as those laws (or their application to Stitch Fix) change. 

How is the sales tax calculated?

Sales tax is calculated based on state and local tax laws of the delivery address or the location from which the Fix is shipped, depending on applicable law. The sales tax rate may consist of multiple rates—a state-level rate along with local sales tax rates, if applicable. These rates vary by location and can change, so you may see different rates for different shipments. We remit all collected sales tax to the government.

In situations where you return an item for a refund, the refund will include the taxes you previously paid for the item, if any.

No sales tax is charged when purchasing gift cards. However, purchases paid for with gift cards may be subject to tax.