How billing works

Find answers here about what you can expect to pay when you order a Fix delivery, when you’ll be charged and how to resolve any billing issues. Learn how you save money with Stitch Fix here.

What you’ll be charged

  • We charge a $20 styling fee before each Fix delivery ships. This fee is applied as a credit towards any items you keep.
  • The cost of your fix will depend on what items you decide to keep. Men’s and women’s items range from $25–$500; kids prices start at $10.
  • You have the ability to set your budget preferences for each category in your Style Profile.
  • If you love all the items in your Fix, you’ll receive a 25% discount at checkout.
  • Additional taxes may apply depending on your location. You can read more about sales tax here.

When you’ll be charged

  • The $20 styling fee is charged about two weeks before your requested delivery date.
  • You’re not charged for the items up front, so you have a chance to try everything on before making a purchase.
  • Once your Fix arrives, you have 3 days to make your decisions, check out and send back your returns. If your returns are late, you may be charged the full price of your shipment. Read more about our return policy here.
  • If you have another upcoming Fix, your next styling fee charge may occur right after you send back your previous returns.
  • If you’re purchasing an item from your Shop tab, you’ll be charged as soon as you submit your order.

Paying for your Fix

We accept a wide variety of online payment methods, including:

We don’t accept cash, checks or prepaid credit cards. All billing information is stored with Braintree, a trusted third-party payment processor.

Issues or concerns with your billing

  • Any Stitch Fix credit on your account will be applied to your styling fee or Fix charge, and the remainder will be charged to your credit card.

If your payment fails, we’ll make several attempts to reprocess your card. If your account displays a failed payment notification, please update your payment method and contact us so we can settle your balance.