How family accounts work

We’ve created family accounts to help you effortlessly manage your kids’ profiles along with your own. Find out how family accounts work below.

What is a Stitch Fix family account?

A family account consists of one adult and can include up to four kids. With a family account, everyone shares the same shipping and billing information as well as referral credits and any credit applied to any person on the account. When you create a Kids profile, we automatically convert your account to a family account. You can receive Fix deliveries for yourself on the family account, but you aren’t required to.

How do I add a family member?

Create a kids profile by following the instructions here. Right now, you can have one adult and up to four kids on your family account. If you want to add more than four kids you can create a second family account with a different email address. While each family account can only have one adult for now, you can still sign up your spouse or partner for their own account and get referral credit if they use your unique link, when they receive their first Fix delivery.  If you need help managing a Kids profile on your account, please contact our customer service team. 

How do I switch between profiles on my family account?

To update a profile, schedule a delivery or check out, you’ll need to switch to the profile that you’d like to manage.

Web browser

  • Make sure you’re signed in.
  • Select “Account” in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click or tap the name of the member you’d like to view.

Stitch Fix iPhone app

  • Go to your “Account” tab.
  • Tap the name of the member you’d like to view.

How does shipping work for family accounts?

All profiles on your family account share the same shipping address. You can view your current address and make updates from your Account page. We’ll use the name you’ve entered there on all shipping labels, but a note from the Stylist inside each box will be personalized to the family member receiving the Fix delivery. You can only have one saved shipping address at a time. Learn more about shipping here.

How does billing and credit work for family accounts?

All profiles on your family account will use the same saved payment method. You can view your current saved payment method and make updates from your Account page. You can only have one payment method saved at a time.

Your profiles on your family account also share any available credit. Any credit available in the family account including gift cards, referral credits, etc. will be applied toward the next styling fee or purchase. We’ll use all credit before charging your saved payment method.

When you receive a Fix delivery, your invoice will show your family’s credit balance at the time the box was packed. If you get multiple Fixes at the same time, or have another one in progress, the printed credit balance may not be accurate. You can check your current credit balance anytime on your Account page. Learn more about billing and credit here.