Extras—add more to your order

What are Stitch Fix Extras?

Extras are our curated selection of products that you can add to your delivery along with your Stylist Picks. We typically feature essentials such as socks, undergarments, and other basics, but may surprise you with any variety of limited time items.

Who can order Extras?

Extras are available for women and men. Our women’s sizes cover XS - 3X, including plus sizes and maternity-friendly items. Men’s sizes include S-3XL.

While we don’t offer Extras for Kids yet, we do carry children’s accessories. Leave a note for your child’s Stylist to request items.

How do Extras work?

You select the Extras you’d like to receive and we’ll send them in the same box as your regular Fix delivery. To order and purchase Extras:

  • When you schedule a delivery, you’ll see a link to “View Extras” on your home page. Once your Stylist starts working on your order, this option will no longer be available.
  • Select the items, sizes and colors you’d like to add to your next shipment.
  • The Extras you pick will arrive in your upcoming Fix delivery, along with your Stylist Picks.
  • You can add or remove Extras anytime before your Stylist starts working on your order.
  • Shipping and returns are free. Use the prepaid envelope included in your box to return items.
  • To pay for the Extras you want to keep, check out online after you receive your Fix.
  • Your $20 styling fee will be applied toward any purchases, including Extras. For more information on your styling fee, see our Billing FAQ.
  • Your purchase of Extras does not count toward the Buy All discount. If you buy all of your Stylist Picks, the discount will be applied to those items but not the Extras.