Damaged items

We quality control every Stitch Fix piece we send out. But on the off chance that you find a damaged item in your shipment, you can notify us during your online checkout by leaving a note in your feedback. If you’re interested in keeping the piece, but want a replacement, we’ll be happy to check if an exchange is available.

To request an exchange:

  • Open your Checkout page in a web browser (see Checking out for your order)
  • Under the item you’d like to exchange, click “Request an exchange”
  • Select one of the available sizes
  • Check the box for “My item was damaged”
  • Complete the rest of your checkout survey and click “Review Your Order”
  • When you’ve made your final decisions, click “Submit Your Order” to pay for the items you’re keeping as well as the exchange
  • Your exchange will ship within a few days. We’ll send you the tracking information when it’s on its way.

If you'd like to request an exchange after you've already checked out, you can contact us. We’ll review our inventory and send you a replacement if it's available. If you’d like to return a damaged piece for a refund, simply contact us and we’ll arrange it.