Petite clothing

Do you offer petite sizing?

We now offer a petites selection in women’s sizes 0-16, XS-XXL. We’re actively working with our brands to increase our range of petite sizes so that we can deliver great selections to more clients.

What's the difference between your regular inventory and petite sizing?

Our petite selection offers our clients access to inventory with shorter sleeves, narrower shoulders, and shorter hems and inseams—all to fit you better! 

Now that you offer petite, do I need to change my size?

No need to change your sizes, they stay the same! Let your Stylist know you would like to receive petites by updating your Style Profile.

Who are petite sizes offered to?

Our petite sizes are recommended for women 5’3” and under. If you feel petite sizes fit you best and you're over 5’3”, please contact us so we can help you find your best fit.

I'm petite on top, but not bottom. Can I get regular-sizing for certain items & petite sizing for others?

Absolutely! Go to your Style Profile and let us know which categories (tops, bottoms, etc.) you'e interested in receiving petite items. And, make sure to leave your Stylist a note when you schedule a Fix!