Billing FAQ

When will I be charged?

For each scheduled Fix, a $20 styling fee will be charged right before your Stylist begins styling for you. That styling fee will be credited toward anything you purchase in that shipment. After your Fix arrives, you'll log into your account to purchase the items you’d like to keep. See Returns for more on the checkout period.

Is there a membership fee?

There’s no charge for having a Stitch Fix account. You’re only charged when we style a shipment for you. See “When will I be charged?” above.

Why was I charged $20?

We charge a $20 styling fee before every Fix ships. This fee is applied toward your final order, so it’s deducted from your total at checkout if you purchase one or more items. For instance, if you decide to keep $60 in merchandise, we only charge you $40 during checkout since $20 was covered by your styling fee. If you buy all the items in your Fix, you save 25% at checkout. Find out about more ways to save money with Stitch Fix here

Does the styling fee roll over if I decide not to keep anything?

Your styling fee can only be applied to a purchase from your current Fix. It doesn’t roll over to your next shipment, isn’t refunded, and can’t be transferred to another member of a family account. This applies whether you return all your items, or purchase an item that’s less than the cost of the fee. Our number one priority is to personalize your Fix so you find at least one item you love and can put your styling fee to good use. If you decide not to keep anything this time around, make sure to leave feedback for each item, so we can improve our picks for you in future Fixes.

Where did my credit go?

When we begin styling your shipment, we charge a $20 styling fee. If you have Stitch Fix credit, it will automatically be used toward the styling fee instead of getting charged on your saved payment method. On your Account page, you'll see that $20 of your available credit has been applied toward your styling fee. Any remaining credit will go directly toward anything you keep. Don’t worry–the $20 styling fee will still be deducted from any items you purchase in your shipment.

If you have a family account, credit is automatically shared between all clients on the account. Any charge across the accounts will use available credit first before charging your saved payment method. If your family happens to receive multiple deliveries at the same time, your invoices will show the credit available at the time your boxes were packed, which may be different than the current credit amount in your account. You can check your live credit balance on your Account page.

How do I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information anytime from your Account page. You can only save one payment method on your account at a time. If you experience any errors saving your information, please try accessing the site from a different web browser or device.

Which payment methods can I use?

Accepted payment types:

  • All major credit cards that are connected to a U.S. billing address
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay

Payment types we don't accept:

  • Checks
  • Cash
  • Third-party gift cards such as those purchased through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or other credit card companies

What if there is a problem with my billing? Will you notify me?

Yes! If we're ever unable to charge your saved payment method, we'll alert you by email so you can look into the issue and update your billing information if needed. If you ever log into your account and see a "Payment is owed" error, please contact us right away so we can help settle your account.