Cancel anytime

You can easily manage or cancel your Fix deliveries to better suit your styling needs. Simply follow the instructions below. You control whether we send you a delivery and you aren’t required to have an active order on your account.

Go to your home page to cancel a single shipment or your automatic deliveries. You’ll find these options below the note to your Stylist. If you have a family account, you’ll find the options to cancel on the home page for each of your kids profiles. Canceling, rescheduling or skipping your Fix delivery is available before your Stylist starts working on it (which usually starts about two weeks before your delivery date). Onsite messaging will confirm you’ve canceled your order. If your shipment is “in progress” and you no longer have the option to cancel onsite, you can contact us.

There's no obligation to have Fix deliveries scheduled on your account, and you'll never be charged any fees for canceling a shipment.

For more information, see our Reschedule or Cancel a Shipment article.